World of Warcraft - Pandaren Monk

Pandaren Monk

The Pandaren Monk is the class that’s going to be introduced with the release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion in World of Warcraft. Although in Warcraft 3, Pandaren were Horde, in WoW they can apparently join both factions.

I’m sure that every player in WoW has at least a few questions related to this type of WoW character, so here are a few questions about this WoW race and class — Answered.

1. What specializations will the Pandaren Monk have?

When you think Pandaren Monk, you should think druid. They will be a multi-class like the druids, having the possibility to become tanks, melee DPS, and healers. The tank talent tree is called Brewmastery and your signature weapon for this build will be the staff. The melee DPS talent build is Windwalker, and on this spec you will become a martial artist using staves and fists, but it appears that Windwalkers will also be able to use 1-handed swords, axes and maces. Finally, the last talent specialization will be, just as for druids, healing. The healing tree is named Mistweaving and as a Mistweaver you will have powerful healing spells but also a few powerful melee attacks.

2. What racial abilities will the Pandaren have?

Pandarens are also brewmasters, so obviously they will get a bonus on Cooking, since this is the only profession in the game that allows you to create tasty drinks. They also have Inner Peace, which grants double rested XP, Bouncy – reducing fall damage, and Epicurean – which grants the Pandaren to get double stats from buffs.

The active racial ability of the Pandaren is a crowd control type which dazes the opponent for 3 seconds and it’s called Quaking Palm.

3. What other classes can you play as a Pandaren?

Well, the main class for a Pandaren is obviously Monk. However, you can also play hunter, shaman, warrior, priest, mage and rogue as a Pandaren.

Since the Pandaren class gets a double XP bonus from rested XP, a class made from this race will level up much faster. And if you will add up a WoW leveling guide to this ability, I believe you will be able to go through the 1-90 to-be content, in no time!