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Another old zone that have suffered major changes after the Cataclysm, is Badlands. Old quest hubs were relocated and there were added new quest hubs and flight paths. So, here’s a short Cataclysm leveling guide which shows a few of the changes here.

Here are some of the important changes when it comes to the leveling path.

The old Horde settlement, Kargath, was completely destroyed, apparently by an avalanche. The place where it used to be is now occupied by black dragon whelps, similar with the ones found in Lethlor Ravine, before the patch. In fact, this is a pretty nice farming spot for a skinner. The whelps drop Rugged and Thick Leather, and if you’re lucky enough you might even get a Dark Whelpling here, a pet that sells nicely.

A new Horde fortification was built though, New Kargath, not very far away from the old location, you can’t miss it, it’s big. There are a couple of very fun quests in Badlands. You will get an escort of three NPC’s that ride on choppers, which have quite many funny punch lines. Fun quest chain, you shouldn’t skip it.

An Alliance quest settlement was also added, South-East from New Kargath. It’s called Dragon’s Mouth. Therefore, although Horde used to own Badlands before Cataclysm, and there weren’t too many quests for Alliance here, apparently the Alliance is extending their influence here.

There’s also a neutral quest hub, goblin-themed, near the old Lethlor Ravine, which remained pretty much the same. There’s a flight master here and quite a few quests to complete for both Alliance and Horde.

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