The Best WoW Leveling Guides

Do You Want to Achieve the Maximum Leveling Speed in World of Warcraft? Find Out Which WoW Leveling Guide Will Take You to Level 85 in Less Than 4 Days!

I remember my first days of World of Warcraft, or should I say months, because that’s how long it took me to maximize my first character then. Of course, I didn’t use a WoW leveling guide back in the day. And yes, it took me 2 months to reach only the level 60 cap at that time. Nowadays, using the right WoW leveling guide, you will be able to hit level 85 in less than 4 days, even if you don’t have any Heirlooms!

However, if you’re just going to browse on Google for a WoW leveling guide, there’s a high chance you will end up with a crappy one, and believe me there are hundreds out there. I don’t think anyone would want that, that’s why I assembled this WoW leveling guide review. The following WoW guides for leveling that I will present here were all put to the test. I took a character to the level cap following each one’s leveling path and I assure you, they all meet the requirements of an elite leveling guide.

So, let’s have a look at each elite WoW leveling guide created so far.


Zygor GuidesZygor Leveling Guide

Official Website: Zygor Guides

Super Optimized Leveling Path
Best Interface
100% in-Game
Waypoint Arrow
Automatic Quest Tracking
Covers the Loremaster Achievement

Zygor Leveling Guide is by far, the best WoW leveling guide at the moment. It is the one that my brother and I usually use when we’re working on leveling up a World of Warcraft character.

So, what exactly makes it stand out from the other solid WoW leveling guides?

First of all, it has a rigorously made, step-by-step leveling path, and automatic quest tracking. That means any player, even if they are very new to the game, will be able to level up with maximum speed. In every zone, you will complete only the quests with the highest XP/level rate. In case you have Heirlooms or any XP bonuses, and you will gain XP much faster than usual, the path will update, sending you to the most appropriate zone for your current level. This way, you will always benefit from the highest XP rate.

I also want to add here that the path of this guide completely covers the Loremaster Achievement. So, you can successfully use it to become a Loremaster in the shortest time possible, by following the quest path for every zone.

Zygor leveling guide is entirely in-game, works like an addon and you just have to download it in your WoW addons folder. With every WoW patch there will be a couple of updates for this WoW leveling guide, and to make the updating more easy, you’ll also get a nice updater.

What I love the most about Zygor leveling guide is that it has a very nice and flexible interface. You can choose to view each step in a short or extended (with tips) form. Also, and most important, you can set it up to display multiple steps, not just one, to have a better overview on what you must do in a certain area.

Zygor’s guide does not interfere with other addons, in fact works pretty nicely in combination with Carbonite, Deadly Boss Mods and many others.

The price for Zygor leveling guide is a bit spicy, I know, but quality is never free. It’s available for both Horde and Alliance factions, each version costs 40$. You can get them both for 60$ though, a very nice discount. It comes with a very nice pack of bonus-guides, for example, you’ll get an Auctioneer Appriser Guide, a Talent Advisor, a guide for Guild Perks and a few others.

Dugi GuidesDugi Leveling Guide

Official Website: Dugi Guides

Super Optimized Leveling Path
Best Price
100% in-Game
Waypoint Arrow
Automatic Quest Tracking

Out of all leveling guides for WoW out there, number 2 has to be Dugi Leveling Guide. It also has a super optimized leveling path.

Just as the first WoW leveling guide I mentioned in this review, it will take you to the level cap in even less than 4 days played time, if you have XP bonuses.

It also features the automatic quest tracking and the waypoint arrow, like any elite guide should do. Dugi leveling guide is also completely in-game. Works like any other World of Warcraft addon, you must load it up in your addons folder.

Although it provides a great step-by-step leveling path, and it’s quite a complete guide as far as it concerns leveling, there’s one thing I didn’t like that much about Dugi’s leveling guide. I’m talking about it’s step display. You can only have one step on your screen at the time, in a short version. If you hover the mouse on the displayed step you will, of course, get a detailed description. But if you want a better overview on all the tasks you need to carry out in an area, you’ll have to open up the whole guide, which covers a big part of your screen. Other than this, it’s super.

Dugi leveling guide is a bit cheaper than Zygor’s. You can get both versions, Horde and Alliance for only 50$, but it also comes with less bonus guides. Individually, each version costs 30$.

Booster GuidesBooster Leveling Guide

Official Website: Booster Guides

Super Optimized Leveling Path
100% in-Game
Waypoint Arrow
Automatic Quest Tracking

Booster Leveling Guide is number three on the top WoW leveling guides list. Although it’s also and elite WoW leveling guide, there are a few reasons I classified it as third. I’ll bring them up in a moment, but first let’s take a look at the pluses of this guide.

First of all, just like the other two, in-game, works like an addon and has it’s own updater. It has a great leveling path and by following it, you will reach the level cap in the shortest time possible. Injection system, automatic step tracker and waypoint arrow are three other important  features that aren’t missing from the structure of this guide. Booster leveling guide uses the game maps like any other elite WoW leveling guide. On top of all these, it has a glyph and talent advisor attached so you’ll always know which talent to train and which glyph to equip when they become available.

What made me a bit reluctant towards this guide is that it does interfere with certain WoW addons like MetaMap or Cartographer, and probably Carbonite (didn’t check). Anyway, you won’t be needing those if you equip this guide because it’s pretty much a super leveling addon.

Also, same as Dugi’s guide, it displays only one step, and if you want an overview for all your tasks in an area, you’ll need to bring up the entire guide, which will cover a big part of your screen. Other than that, Booster leveling guide is also a super World of Warcraft leveling tool.

Booster leveling guide also comes in two verisons, for Alliance and Horde, and if you get them both you’ll get a nice discount. Price is 57$ for both and 37$ if you purchase them individually. As you can see it’s a bit more expensive than Dugi’s but cheaper than Zygor’s.

WoW Leveling Guide Review – Conclusions

Each WoW leveling guide reviewed here is quite complete. They all have extremely good leveling paths that will really take you to level 85 in the shortest time possible.

They are all in game, have automatic quest trackers, custom waypoint guiding arrow, they all use the in-game maps and each one of them is step-by-step designed. Each step has a more or less rich explanation, but you’ll will always know precisely where to pick up quests, where to go to complete any task, and exactly what to do on every step.

Most important, each and every WoW leveling guide I reviewed here comes with free updates, there aren’t any monthly fees, and they all have a money back guarantee, in case you’re not satisfied with their effectiveness.

I did choose Zygor because I like it the most, due to its interface, but regardless which one you choose, it will become your indispensable WoW leveling addon.

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WoW Panda Race And Monk Class

Pandaren MonkThe WoW Panda race is actually called Pandaren. This is a new race implemented in World of Warcraft together with a new class, the Monk, and other features like 5 extra levels and Pet Combat. The new expansion will be called Mists of Pandaria and it will be available in late September 2012.

The open beta version of the expansion has been going for a few months now, and it will still be going for a few weeks more. From that beta testing I have learned a few things about the Pandaren race and Monk class.

The Pandaren racial skills are Epicurean (You gain double stats from Well Fed effects), Gourmand (Cooking skill increased by 15), Inner Peace (The rested experience will last twice as long as normal), Bouncy (You will receive half of usual falling damage) and Quaking Palm (Stun the target for 4 seconds, this will also take you out of combat).

The WoW Panda race will start in the Wandering Isle as a neutral faction. You will get to choose between Alliance and Horde when you reach level 10 and finish the quest chain from that area. As a Pandaren, you will be able to start the game as a Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman and Monk.

We all know the other classes so let’s talk about the Monk.

The Monk is a hybrid class and will be able to wear armor up to Leather. Their main stats will be Agility for DPS and tanking and Intellect for healing. So you could say that this is a Druid. The weaponry they use start with their bare hands and feet and go up to Polearms and Staves including One-Handed Axes, Maces and Swords as well as Fist Weapons.

The three talent builds they will have are Brewmaster (the tank spec), Mistweaver (the healer spec) and Windwalker (the DPS spec). In the beta of the expansion, the class is extremely powerful having a lot of abilities that can reset a battle at any time. We can expect the Monk class to get nerfed before it goes live.

Since the WoW Panda hasn’t been released yet, the information you saw here is subject to change. Who knows what will become of the Monk once the Mists of Pandaria goes live.

World of Warcraft Level Problems – Quests!

Tired of doing quests in World of Warcraft? Aren’t we all. But you don’t have to do quests if you don’t want to. Players have found various ways in which they gain levels, be it fast or slow. Some of them have even started grinding again because it is a lot more simple and due to the changes in most classes, it is easier.

Many have reported that they also make good amounts of gold from the loot they find when grinding. As long as you know good spots, this is entirely possible for anyone. Get a class that can AoE relentlessly and you will see a lot of progress.

That being said, another very good method to gain levels without quests is using the Group Finder to do instances. What you do is simple, you stay in a inn or play with the Auction House in any city while you wait for the Group Finder to get you in an instance. Every instance has quests that can be done once which give items and good XP. If you join random instances, you also gain experience and items when you finish the instance. Not to mention drops from bosses and such.

Dungeon Finder

You can improve this by getting Heirloom items for the extra experience and also joining a top level guild. All of that experience bonus will stack and you can reach 50% more experience from kills and quests. At the lower levels, that means at least one level per instance.


To join instances faster, get a tank spec or a healer spec. This way you will find a group in seconds during prime-time.

If you don’t know the instance, ask someone from the group to lead, you shouldn’t waste time checking the map and such.

If the end boss is within reach, take the long way first. If you kill the end boss quick, people will leave usually.

If you find a good group, tell them to stay for more runs. Good groups aren’t always easy to find.

So if you are tired with doing quests, this is a very good way to level up your character. Just note that you will not be able to level gathering professions like Mining, Herbalism or Skinning doing this. Unless you look for nodes and mobs to skin while you wait to get in an instance.

Don’t know the best Druid leveling spec in World of Warcraft? Well I can tell you that it is not Restoration. In order to level fast in WoW you need consistency and damage. Restoration offers none of those. But don’t worry, in this Druid leveling guide I will show you the best leveling spec you should get for the Druid.

Some people like to level up using the Balance talent build. While it is fun and it does good damage, you lack any real AoE and you will have the mana issues that comes with any caster. Not only that, but you will also have to wait to cast spells and such. So the best Druid leveling spec is by far Feral. And here is how you should spec your Druid in Feral:

Druid Leveling Guide

This build will ensure you have very good damage when in Cat form while also being able to tank very well in Bear form. Which is important as you can do dungeons as you level up to get better gear and extra experience.

One talent you don’t really need to train is Brutal Impact. You can skip training that and put the points in something else. But for the rest of the abilities that were trained, make sure you leave them as in the spec.

Using this Druid leveling spec you will be able to advance a lot faster even at low levels, as you will be able to move a lot faster on the ground. The ability to be either tank or DPS in a group will also come in very handy. I hope you will find this Druid leveling guide useful in your journeys.

Warlocks are really nice to play with. Use the right Warlock leveling spec and you will level up really fast. But you will see in any Warlock leveling guide that everyone has his own opinions in terms of the best leveling spec. This is because the Warlock is a damage dealing class and it deals damage on any talent tree. It’s true that you deal the most single target damage on Destruction, but you also have to take other things into consideration.

Once you reach the level cap, you can spec either Destruction or Affliction, depending on what you want to do. These specs will both give you massive DPS so you will be able to be efficient in groups. But when it comes to leveling, you need consistency. And the Warlock leveling spec that offers the most reliability is Demonology. So in this Warlock leveling guide I will show you the perfect talent build for the Warlock for leveling up:

Warlock Leveling Guide

As you may have guessed, this leveling spec is focused on pets. You send them to attack and then just deal damage to their target. Healing your pet will not be a problem thanks to the Fel Synergy talent. When trained to the maximum, you gain a 100% chance to heal your pet for 15% of the damage you deal. So there is no way your pet will die to any mobs, elite or otherwise.

Training in Demonology will give you access to the Felguard. This is a melee pet that can take a lot of damage and can also dish it out. Combine this pet with the talent I told you about and you have an invincible pet ready to kill anything.

What I like about this Warlock leveling spec is that it opens up a lot more opportunities, enabling you to take on even hard elite quests and finish them easily. That is why I shared this particular spec in this Warlock leveling guide. Log your Warlock on and start leveling up fast with this talent build.

In order to level quickly in World of Warcraft, you need the right Mage leveling spec. Since you will be doing quests a lot, you need to be able kill mobs easily and also keep yourself safe. To that purpose I will share with you in this Mage leveling guide, a very good leveling spec that I used.

What you need to keep in mind about the Mage in WoW is snare. You will need to keep the enemy slowed down so you avoid getting hit. If you were to get hit on every fight, even once, you would have to eat something to regenerate your health every few pulls. Fortunately, you have a whole talent tree dedicated to that. So here is the Mage leveling spec you should have to be safe and advance fast:

Mage Leveling Guide

Frost is a very good choice, if not the best, for leveling because you have a lot of snare effect on your spells, you won’t have any mana problems and you will have a wide arrange of defensive abilities. Damage will also not be an issue as well as cast time for your main damaging spell, the Frostbolt. Which you will find in any Mage leveling guide that it is something true.

So to be able to advance quickly in the game as a Mage, make sure you don’t aggro more than one mobs, use the root spell when ever the enemy closes in on you and dish out damage without thinking about your mana levels. This Mage leveling spec will ensure that you get to the level cap fast. I hope you will find this Mage leveling guide as useful as it was for me.

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